The Predator and the Prey


Patient and Comforting.

It waits for the lonely and discontent to reach a vulnerable state.
That’s when it creeps into the mind, often unnoticed.
It makes the prey believe they came up with the idea themselves.
Relax and relieve the stresses of reality with “natural” self-pleasure.
Everyone needs a bit of self-loving, right?

Fantasies play out, sometimes relating to the prey’s situation.
That hot teacher in class?
Best friend’s attractive partner?
Cute work colleague?
Constructed in a scene ready and waiting for the prey.

Little that the prey knows, it is altering them the more frequent they watch.
The more they consume, the mind starts to adapt to this new practice.
The natural pursuit for love altered for a more artificial favour.

It is then the predator has captured it’s prey.


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