The Long Game


Overcoming this doesn’t happen overnight.

If it did, the industry wouldn’t be valued billions of dollars. Writing about it would be a waste of time. Life would be easier.

Overcoming means going all in or nothing. Either give up the old me or sacrifice the new me. There is no stopping and starting. There is only stop, forever. Days are just baby steps to transforming into a better person. Counting the days is like measuring how long forever lasts. There are no set amount of days to get over it.

This has been a reason why it’s so hard for me to overcome the habit. It requires patience, long-term thinking and discipline. It could take me months, even years, to completely overcome this. It’s a difficult and uncomfortable process, however I have been so impatient. Always collapsing at a glimpse of struggle, and for what? A short-term burst of sensation? Stupid.

How long is forever?


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