The Coolidge Effect

‘Without the Coolidge Effect there would be no Internet porn.” – YourBrainOnPorn’s article

The reason why getting rid of videos was so easy was because I was still viewing multiple women through images and GIFs. Continuing from the ‘Baby Steps’ blog post, I decided to take experimentation further.

‘Coolidge Effect’ Experiment: Choose and stick to ONE woman. (view only images and GIFs from one website)

The objective was to isolate the routine by overcoming the Coolidge Effect. In detail, choose one woman. Whenever an urge occurs, I was only going to view explicit images and GIFs from that one woman. It doesn’t matter who else was in the image, the choice of woman had to be somewhere in it.

The first time I tried this, it took a long time to get to the reward and a lot of imagination, but eventually I got there. As time went on, it became harder and harder. I wanted to view other women. I started to question if I chose the wrong woman. Maybe this woman just doesn’t have enough content. The more I performed the routine, the longer it took to get the reward. There were times I had an urge but I couldn’t be bothered to act upon it because I did not want to see her. This was surprising. I couldn’t be bothered to relapse. It got to the point that I couldn’t get the reward looking at her.

Inevitably I failed and continued looking at other women. But was it really a failure? The experience taught me the Coolidge Effect was 100% real. It taught me that the routine needs a variety of women in different scenarios, the type of media did not matter. It also taught me I was mentally cheating if I had a wife/girlfriend. I’m mentally giving my sexual desire to someone else.

How to overcome the Coolidge Effect? That is a question relationships around the world would love the answer to. I already checked the internet for the answer. Perhaps using the Coolidge Effect against itself could help for my own situation. If the routine requires a variety of women in different scenarios, couldn’t I just use past sexual experiences as a way to get to the reward? This gets rid of all forms of media and depends on imagination. The flaw with this is that there is only a limited supply of experiences. To put it bluntly, I haven’t slept with enough women to depend on imagination in the long-term, given that I have urges every morning and evening. Another is imagining sexual experiences, possibly women I haven’t slept with and would like to, just like the first time I ever masturbated. Although using past or fantasy sexual experiences is a viable strategy, it should be used as an emergency because it is short-term. Quitting this routine demands a long-term solution.

So the urge arrives, what happens?

Something WILL happen. The challenge is to make sure it isn’t the old routine.

So what I do is just watch and see what is happening.

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