My parents knew I was watching explicit material as a teenager and even in my 20s.
However they never said anything about it being addictive.

They have found me watching numerous times and didn’t bring up anything in regards to it being an addiction. In fact I cannot remember a time my parents came to me speak about sex. It was I who went to my parents to speak about it and they were very honest. I believe my parents have no idea this addiction exist, let alone that their son is affected by it. At school, sex education was informational but never spoke about sexual material online. This is all understandable because the internet was still relatively new. Maybe parents and schools didn’t know how to bring it up? Do they bring it up now?

Parents don’t have to know if their children have a problem, unless their son/daughter has chosen them as a person to tell. I believe a teenager should be aware of how it can affect a person’s brain and character and not be forced to tell their parents. Parents should help their children become aware of the risks at a young age, but before that, they need to be aware that it can be addictive. I was affected by age 12.

Waiting until they’re teenagers is too late.


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