Parental Control


On the phone.
On the tablet.
On the laptop.

It was a 13-character password. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and stored it at my work office. I soon had a better idea, I gave the paper to my mum and told her to never give it to me until I told her why I gave it to her.

This didn’t work.

I was too creative and too determined to break the parental lock. There are loads of sites that will bypass parental controls. I would need to get the password and blacklist the website manually.

This led to lying to my mother.

I remember how I felt afterwards. I felt like an absolute loser and I was depressed for days. Has it really come to this? I still haven’t told her the truth. She didn’t think anything of the whole thing.

The problem with parental control is not every WiFi network and device in the world has a parental control blocking explicit material. Personally blocking all explicit material should be a default setting from internet companies, with the option to unblock it if requested.

I gave up ‘parental control’ and now only focus on the ‘control’ part.


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