Is it an Addiction?


The short answer:

The problem is the need for entertainment. A solution is going to a bar. A substance to mentally enhance the bar experience is drugs.

The problem is the need for intimacy. A solution is masturbation. A substance to mentally enhance masturbation is porn.



The long answer:

The problem is the need for intimacy. We are humans. We desire intimacy. It’s all part of reproducing and continuing the human race. This is natural.

However what happens when you’re sexually turned on and wanting intimacy but no one is available?

A solution is masturbation. Is it natural? No, what is natural is finding a mate and having sex, but it is a short-term solution to a problem. Just like most things, too much of it can cause a negative effect. Can we enhance the pleasure of masturbation?

Someone thought the idea of viewing explicit content answered that question. A major flaw with this idea is that just like other mental altering substances, it can be addictive. It can replace the natural desire of having sex with another person. It can also cause other issues like erectile dysfunction.

Not many people know this until it is too late. I was one of them and here I am documenting the struggle of overcoming it…


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