Drinking alcohol is one reason why weekends are hard for me.

It gives me terrible hangovers. I’m talking about spending the entire day in bed. My bed is the major hotspot for urges so being trapped in bed with a terrible hangover makes it increasingly difficult to overcome urges. Being hungover means mentally I am crippled and in no proper state to leave my bed. I cannot use my head effectively, which then causes me to cancel all my plans that day and most likely relapse. Then I become depressed.

Funny how things are connected.

To deal with weekends, I would have to change the way I enjoy social activities. Some of my “friendships” are built around drinking alcohol. I’ve met a lot of people drinking alcohol. This could mean changing the people I surround myself with. That can prove difficult on its own.

What I thought was just getting over an addiction could possibly result in a complete social life change for me. A positive one at that.

What and who are you willing to sacrifice to overcome your inner demons?


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