Baby Steps

The cold turkey approach, all willpower and nothing but willpower, does not work. I’ve tried for six years. Moderation also doesn’t work. When the time comes to watch, I do and it’s ok. However when the time to not watch comes and I do, it is depressing. These two approaches fight the urge of watching explicit material, yet keeps the same routine. Instead of fighting the urges, why not fight the routine?

‘Less Immersion’ Experiment: Stop watching videos, only view images and GIFs.

The objective is to make the whole experience less immersive so that urges are easier to deal with.

The theory behind this was that it doesn’t matter what form of media it is, content is content. The Coolidge Effect is still intact . There was one point in history, before the internet and videotapes, people only had magazines to view explicit content. Video is more immersive than images and GIFs because sound and motion is introduced. Videos make fantasies appear more life-like than images. Eliminating videos would mean getting rid of sound and motion. GIFs are motion too, but they are short loops without sound. I tried to get rid of GIFs too but I haven’t found a way yet to separate them from images.

The result of this experiment has been a complete surprise to me. The goal was to go a week without viewing videos and see what happens, but instead I have never looked back. I have completely stopped viewing videos. This was too easy. That moment was possibly the first time I relapsed and laughed instead of feeling negative about myself. It took longer to ejaculate, which was expected. A surprise was that my imagination started coming back. Although I was looking at images and GIFs, I was imagining sexual experiences with real women. It would seem the less immersive the content, the more imagination increases. I simply cannot get to the reward without imagination.

This has positively affected my urges. I don’t remember the ‘sounds’ of past videos nor remember them in motion. I don’t remember what any actor/actress sounds like. I don’t remember female groans, voices or any other audio of a scene. Urges are now still mental visuals, which makes them easier to deal with.

If you can’t stop watching altogether, I highly recommend to stop watching videos first. If you use VR, get rid of it.

I didn’t stop there. I wanted to isolate the routine by only using one website to view images and GIFs. The internet is too big. Unfortunately this didn’t affect both urges or routine positively or negatively.

I don’t watch videos anymore. It’s a small step forward but it is progress.

The ‘Ultimate’ goal is to stop watching all forms of media.

To do that means altering the routine even further.



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